AudioMate is now open source!

OctocatDear users!

We have decided to open source AudioMate and encourage any OS X developers to contribute to the project which is now hosted in GitHub.

AudioMate 2.0 is now also available as a free download. For more information, please check Audiomate’s website.

Vectorscope 1.1 now available

Vectorscope 1.1 is now available on the App Store!


  • NEW: Increased scope fidelity by plotting almost twice as many samples as before


What’s Coming

Fellow friends!

We haven’t posted in a while and you may be wondering why! Well, we are busy creating a very cool audio app for the Mac and also began porting our Vectorscope to the Mac.

Expect more details soon :-)


-The TroikaLabs Team

AudioMate 1.2 update now available

List of changes:

  • Changed: New application icon and logo
  • Added: master output volume control
  • Added: master output volume and mute state notifications
  • Enhanced: Status bar information can simultaneously display the sample rate together with: 1) the master output volume (in 3 different formats: dB, percentage, and graphical) or 2) the clock source of the selected audio device.

AudioMate 1.2 is available now for sale on AudioMate’s website and also on the Mac App Store.

Vectorscope demo videos using Lissajous (X-Y) mode

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Vectorscope stereo audio analyser for the iPad released – incl. Audiobus support!

We are excited to announce Vectorscope, our latest and greatest audio app for the iPad with Audiobus support!

Learn more about Vectorscope on Vectorscope’s product page!


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Mavericks compatibility

Hi folks,

Just to confirm, all our Mac OS X applications (SmoothCursor and AudioMate) are already compatible with Mavericks (10.9) — No updates required!


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M/S Processor for iPad now available at the App Store!


M/S Processor, our first application for iPad, is now available for download at the App Store!

M/S Processor is an Audiobus-compatible iOS application intended for audio professionals requiring Mid/Side (M/S) signal processing.

For more information about what our application can do, please visit M/S Processor’s website.

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AudioMate 1.1.4 released with retina artwork

Retina resolution artwork

We have recreated all the artwork that was missing retina-resolution graphics and packed it into version 1.1.4.

The update is already available to download from AudioMate’s website and has also been submitted to the Mac App Store for approval, so it should hopefully be available on the MAS in a weeks time — enjoy!

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AudioMate 1.1.3 now available at the Mac App Store!

Mac App Store

As the title suggests, the latest version of AudioMate is now available at the Mac App Store.


Selecting a clock source with AudioMate

The list of changes since the previous MAS-published version (1.1) are:

  • [BUG FIX] Fixed crash upon launch when an audio device does not report latency
  • Adding support for setting the audio device’s clock source
  • Minor cosmetic enhancements

Get it now at the Mac App Store or download a free trial from AudioMate’s website!

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